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Provider Incentive Payments User Agreement

Registration Instructions

Welcome to the Registration page. New Hampshire Medicaid providers must register for the New Hampshire Medicaid EHR Incentive Program using this system. Completing the State registration is a prerequisite for completing the State attestation.

Data Requirements

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

National Provider Identifier (NPI)
Tax Identification Number (TIN)
CMS Registration ID: Obtained when registered with
New Hampshire Medicaid Provider Number
CMS Certification Number (for hospitals)

New Hampshire User Agreement Terms & Conditions: This site displays confidential information from New Hampshire Medicaid and is to be used only by New Hampshire Medicaid providers intending to receive incentive payments. You are liable for the accuracy of all data that you provide to this site in order to receive incentive payments from New Hampshire Medicaid. If you use the system for any other purpose other than intended, your account may be cancelled, your payments may be withheld and you may be subject to criminal prosecution.

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